7 Good Reasons Why You Need A Naked Butler

Who doesn’t love a naked butler? They’re a fabulous source of entertainment. A lot of people find that the buff butler can provide a lot of great moments, but what do you do with these hunky men when you’ve got them? That’s the tricky bit, so let’s take a look at 7 amazing ideas! 


The first idea may well be something of a cop-out, but it’s a valid thought nonetheless. If you’re going to hire a butler, why not get them to be a butler? They are trained to serve and to give you a great experience, so to be honest giving them a go might not be such a bad idea. 

A buff butler posing for photos
A buff butler posing for photos

Summer Party

Summer is coming, slowly but surely! If you’re planning to have a very incredible, very enjoyable summer bash, why not get your naked butler to show up and give you a hand! He’ll be eye candy and incredibly helpful – win win! 

Life Drawing

Life drawing is a fairly unique and very enjoyable experience which gives you a unique hen party entertainment package. Why not get your butler to strike a pose, and give your girls a real treat to sketch? Life drawings are always a good way to enjoy yourself without having to worry too much about the end result! 

Photography, With a Buff Bod 

Photography is always a highlight for parties and social events, and if you send your buff butler off into the throng with a disposable camera, you never know what kind of photos you’ll get – it’s perfect for a little extra charm! 

Cocktails, Anyone?

Cocktails are a good way to get the evening started and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. A lot of buff butlers can be masters at whipping up exciting cocktails – ask for a special request and see what happens! 

Charity Events

Charity events really help to bring people together and make sure that they enjoy themselves while still helping a meaningful cause. Buff butlers are the best choice for this because they help to make sure that everyone has fun while still enjoying a cheeky entertainment! 

Surprise the Bride-to-be! 

So you’ve got an incredibly attractive butler on his way, but DON’T tell the bride! She’ll be speechless when your buff butler shows up with a tray of drinks and a cheeky smile. It’s the best way to start a night off with an unexpected delight, so you should definitely give it a go. 

book buff butlers in Nottingham
buff butlers in Nottingham

Overall, these are just seven of the best possible ideas if you are looking to get the most from your time out and about with a buff butler. They’re fun, flirty and easy to hire, so why not give one a go? You might find that you have a wonderful night. All of our lads are trained to be professionals and know exactly how to spice up your night – and did we mention that they look really, really good? Check out what’s on offer and hire someone to make your night one to remember.