Hen Party Life Drawing Class -What You Need To Know

There’s plenty of entertainment options for someone to consider when thinking of ways to keep a hen party exciting. One of these is the hen party life drawing class.

But what’s in a hen party life drawing class? Well, to try and make sure you figure it out, let’s take a look at exactly the meaning and how why people opt for this type of service.

So, What is a Life Drawing Class?

Life drawing, also known as figure drawing, is the act of drawing a living person. Normally this means drawing a nude model in real life – i.e. not from a photograph or from memory or imagination.

It’s unique and highly interactive, it probably is something you should probably consider when organising an event.

Who is it Created For?

It is most commonly used as an entertainment option for hen parties, birthday events or even get-togethers.

Drawing is something anyone can do, hence a life drawing class is perfect for mixed age groups and genders, provided the participants are over the age of 18.

What Does it Involve?

A typical life drawing class will consist of a group of participants, a life model, and in some cases an instructor.

The class can either be at a chosen venue or the comfort of your own home.

The team will often arrive with all of the materials needed for the event, and then organise the participants into various groups, where they would sit down and learn how to draw. 

Why Should You Consider It?

It’s quite an enjoyable event for people to experience.

Not a lot of people go for this option usually but it can be a lot of fun.

 The uniqueness of a life drawing class makes it one of the best ideas you should consider when planning an event.

It’s fun and interesting and manages to deliver an exciting experience from.