5 perfect ideas for hen weekends


Planning a hen party weekend? Congratulations! Whether you’re the one getting wed or you’re the bride’s best friend and have been put in charge of the arrangements, you’ll want to make sure you plan an event to remember. With a recent study showing that hen parties abroad are more expensive, if you’re on a budget it might be a good idea to stay in the UK. Here are 5 classic – some might even say traditional – ideas for a hen weekend that any bridesmaids’ must consider when planning a hen party.

Party Outfit


There are two factors to this hen party essential – we’re talking about both getting dressed up to the nines in your most glamorous outfit for a night out sipping cocktails AND dressing up in the cheesiest hen party attire around. It’s almostyour dutyto adorn the bride with a sparkly plastic tiara, a veil with ‘L’ plates, and a big taffeta sash. 

This tradition doesn’t have to cost a lot – those deely boppers can be found in pound shops – and you could even go one step further by dressing the bride in a ‘vintage’ wedding dress that you’ve found in the local charity shop. The more ’80s frills, the better! Plus, it’s now traditional that all the hens get dressed up for the hen party too, in ‘Team Bride’ t-shirts or ‘Bridesmaid’ badges, so you can all join in the fun and become one big girly gang for the day.

Naked Butlers-Ideas for hen weekends

Is it even a hen party weekend if there isn’t a little naughtiness? Ogling a nice-looking fella is one of the highlights of a hen party and making the bride squirm is practically a tradition! You don’t have to spend ££s on tickets to see the Dreamboys. The thrifty way to enjoy a little naughty nudeness is with a buff butler. 

He’s not just lovely to look at – he’ll actually do some work for you too! Your naked butler will serve drinks to hen party guests, he can teach you how to make cocktails and will make the bride feel like a queen for the day.

Arts and crafts

Art and crafts are one of my favourite ideas for a hen weekend. It has become a tradition over the years for hen parties to last a little longer than just one night out, so if you’ve got a whole day (or an entire weekend) together. Adding some art and craft activities will keep everyone entertained. You could try something helpful like making bunting and decorations for the reception venue or take a cheeky sewing class to make frilly knickers and a garter for the bride to wear on her wedding day. 

Life Drawing

If art is more your kind of thing, did you know that a naked butler can double up as a male model for a life drawing class? He can either be nude or partially covered, and you can spend time creating works of art while studying the male physique. Even if you’re not exactly a collective of budding artists, sketching the perfectly sculpted torso of a nude life model isn’t something that your hen party guests will forget in a hurry! 

Dance and sing your heart out

It doesn’t matter if you can’t carry a tune or have two left feet, what’s important is the non-stop fun you’re having together as a group. One way to get the gang together is to chip in to book a dance class or singing lesson. This might even lead to choreographing a dance that all the hens can do together at the wedding reception. If you’re on a budget, you can still sing together as a group if you visit a karaoke bar on your night out. No 1 request? Why, Girls Just Want To Have Funby Cyndi Lauper, of course!

Food and drink

Back in the early days of hen parties where it was just one night out to celebrate the bride’s ‘last night of freedom’. The evening will start with a meal out with the girls and followed with a drink down at the local pub. You might want to do it on a grander scale with cocktails and tasty treats.

It doesn’t mean you have to splash the cash – as there are often discount codes for restaurant chains hence do your research online before making a reservations

You can often get a deal on entry or free drinks if you’re bringing a group to a club, so that’s another thing for the maid of honour to research to help the gang save money, If you’re staying in for the evening, you can enjoy a buffet meal on a budget at home if everyone brings a dish, perfect idea for hen weekend