Guests at a party

Why You Need A Topless Waiter At Your Event

You’ll have plenty of big decisions to make when it comes to putting together an event. After all, there’s the date, the venue and the guest list to make a decision on. However, when it comes to the wait staff there’s sometimes only one direction to go – and that’s a topless waiter! This bonafide hunk can carry out all the jobs that wait staff usually do, from pouring fresh glasses of bubbly to bringing tasty plates of food. The only difference is that they’ll be doing it with their bulging biceps on a show for all to see! Let’s have a look at why you need a topless waiter at your event.

Naked Waiters Are Unique

You will, of course, want your event to stand out from the rest. After all, who doesn’t want their soirée to be bigger and better than anything than anyone’s ever been to? Obviously it’s not every day that people get to enjoy the sight of a muscle-bound man baring all while serving food and drink. Due to this, you can bet that your guests will remember it for years to come and be desperate to tell their friends about what they saw. You’ll be more than just a host – you’ll be a legend.

topless waiter serving cocktails at a party
topless waiter serving cocktails at a party

Entertainment With Naked Waiters

Your topless waiter can actually double up as your entertainment for the evening. He won’t sing or dance, but just the sight of him will certainly hold people’s attention and help pass the time! This is ideal because not only will you save some serious cash by bypassing other forms of entertainment, but you and your guests will have a guilt-free reason to ogle to your heart’s content at that buff body.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like checking out a superbly chiselled physique? The women in attendance obviously won’t need an excuse, nor will the men – many of who will be happy to admire the work and effort that goes into achieving such a masterpiece. This just adds another level of inclusiveness to your event and should ensure that everyone’s happy with what you’ve provided. 

What’s stopping you?

You don’t need to pretend that you need your arm twisting to enlist the services of one our buff butlers for your event! However, you should be especially keen to lock down one of our buff butlers now that you know just how beneficial they can be. If you’re ready to enlist the services of hunky guys you can imagine, be sure to get in touch with Buff Boyz about hiring a topless waiter that would suit your plans.