Guests at a hen party in Brighton

Useful “Buff Butlers” Hen Party ideas in Brighton

Hen Party Ideas in Brighton: Oh, Brighton, how special you are to the world. Just a stone’s throw from busy London, you’re the perfect spot for a hen night to remember.

From your incredible Pride celebrations right through to your boujis shopping lanes and independents. You’ve long been a special member of the party scene – and rightly so!

So what can Brighton offer, to make a hen party that is as special as the city itself?

Here’s your guide to 5 elegant hen party ideas for a show-stopping night, that won’t disappoint!

Hire A Buff Butlers …..With A Difference

To take an event from ‘sure thing’ to ‘show-stopping’ you’re going to need something fabulous to add to the party. Why not let that thing be…a buff butler! Let a ‘cheeky’ fella make your special guests feel spoiled, attending to their every need while offering the party games that will really boost the party. More drinks? Yes please, sir! Perfect hen party idea in Brighton

Shake Things Up, Brighton Style.

Want to set things fizzing? Get your guests shaking up their very own delicious drinkables, with an extra-special cocktail masterclass! Whatever their tipple, get creative with your hired expert guide, to really helps things go off with a bang.

Brighton Pier at Night

Be A ‘Brighton Artist’ For The Day!

The city of Brighton is well known for its creativity and its love for local artists. So why not become one, with an artistic venture drawing a handsome fella! What better way to join the group together than to have a giggle while creating something as a group. Can’t draw? Therefore the eye candy? Us too.

Explore Brighton’s Diamonds!

Skip the pebbles (especially during these colder months) and head for the gloriously varied back streets of Brighton, where you’ll find a wealth of independent stores and bars to suit every guest and group. Even the fussier of guests in your group won’t be able to complain… you know the ones we mean!

Eat Your Way Around The city!

From old fashioned delights on the pier through to fabulously fancy fare in some of Britain’s top restaurants, you won’t be short of choice for your dinner plans in Brighton. Pick a theme as a group, or choose the bride’s favourite cuisine, and enjoy discovering the wide array of culinary treats the city has to offer. Remember to leave room for those dessert cocktails!


Guests at a hen party in Brighton
Guests at a hen party in Brighton

If you are planning a hen party weekend down south, consider Brighton and these elegant hen party ideas in Brighton.