Buff Butlers In Derbyshire | 5* Reviews | Buff Boyz

  Buff Butlers In Derbyshire | 5* Reviews | Buff Boyz

We Provide The Best Buff Butler Service In Derbyshire

Buff butlers at hen party

Create the perfect party atmosphere with buff butlers in the Derbyshire area.

Add that much needed sparkle to your event with the buff butlers in Derbyshire and Peak District area.

Whether it is a birthday anniversary, hen party, ladies night or perhaps a corporate event, the buff butlers in Derbyshire area will be an excellent addition to any event.

In addition to interacting with guests, organising ice-breaker party games, they will serve your guests with style, posing for photographs as they make your event exceptional.

naked butler posing for pictures

What We Offer

The buff butlers in Derbyshire area offer a whole lot more than just the usual butler services. 

You can select from our variety of exciting services such as life drawing classes and mobile cocktail making lessons all provided by our well-trained topless waiters.

Naked Butlers Derbyshire

Your food and drink may very well be scrumptious but wait, how about adding a touch of razzle dazzle by allowing our buff butlers in Derbyshire serve your guests.

Charming, classy and a little bit cheeky, all of our naked butlers in Derbyshire are friendly and welcoming.

For a naked butler service that delivers just what you expect choose Buff Boyz.

ladies at a hen party event with confetti

Life Drawing Class Derbyshire.

Get creative and showcase your artistic talent with this fantastic activity.

Our life drawing class is packed with fun, laugh to the end as our specially trained naked butlers will pose in different positions for everyone to draw.

This activity is incredibly entertaining and ideal for everyone with different drawing abilities, from the skilled artist to the complete novice.

We use professional life models who will lead the class and also initiate some party games.

This is what you get:

  • Perfect surprise for the bride and everyone
  • Drawing materials and a handsome life model.
  • The class lasts for one and a half hours.
  • Plenty of cheeky party games
  • Winning prize for the best piece of artwork
  • A special Buff Boyz folder for all the drawings to be kept.

Mobile Cocktail Making Class Derbyshire

Bring the fun directly to your door-step with our mobile-friendly cocktail lessons class and learn how to mix and make scrumptious cocktails.

The class will feature a skilled topless waiter, he will be on hand to assist and demonstrate. All alcohol and cocktail equipment will be provided.

Shake, stir and muddle your way to fun with our cocktail making service.

This is Whats On Offer:

  • A well-trained buff butler in Derbyshire to mix and teach everyone how to make various types of  for 2 hrs.
  • Glasses, equipment, ice and alcohol/mixers
  • Cocktail drinking games
  • 4 cocktails per guests.

Why Choose Buff Boyz

  • We will allocate a dedicated booking manager for you, from the moment you book with us right until the event day.
  • We offer bespoke topless waiters and every single one of them have undergone thorough training in party etiquettes.
  • Our reviews speaks for itself.
  • We have a 100% success rate in regards to the services we provide.  
  • At Buff Boyz, we love what we do and that is creating happy memories for all our clients. Give us a try and experience it yourself!
  • Our mission is simple: to give all our customers an incredible party experience, for incredible value.