The Lake District

5 Great Buff Butlers Lake District Party Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

With sparkling bodies of water and idyllic mountains, the Lake District is easily one of the most beautiful places in the UK. It offers a little slice of heaven for everyone and the scenic sights mean there’s a photo opportunity around every corner.

In fact, the only thing that beats the views in the Lake District is our buff butlers in Lake District! So, whether you live in the North West or are just visiting for a holiday, we have 5 fantastic party ideas for you and your friends.

Buff Butlers In Lake District Party Games

When you’re losing your best wing-woman to marriage, you better make sure she goes out with a bang! This means organising a night filled with drinks and lots of hen party games.

Why not get one or two of our buff butlers in Lake District involved too, guaranteed to bring the laughs and a bit of spicy fun. Our favourite game is competing to create the best toilet paper wedding dress for the bride. It’s the perfect way to break the ice for guests who don’t know each other and always leaves everyone in hysterics.

Mobile Cocktail Making Class Lake District

It’s all well and good buying drinks at a bar, but if you want something done well, you do it yourself! This is why we offer our very popular mobile cocktail making class, taught by a skilled mixologist or one of our gorgeous buff butlers in Lake District.

We promise you’re in good hands as they teach you to shake your way to a glass of Sex on the Beach. The night doesn’t end there though, our boys have a whole repertoire of drinking games to really kick the evening off right.

Life Drawing Class With Buff Butlers In Lake District

A trip to the stunning Lake District is sure to inspire you to brush up on your art skills. Forget the mountains though and sketch one of our lads instead!

It’s the perfect chance to add some refinery to your party or collapse in fits of laughter as you compare your drawings with your friends.  Click here to find out more

Body Painting Class With Buff Butlers in Lake District

If you’re bored of your usual parties and are looking for something different, there’s always a body painting class. We’re all about saving the planet here, so put the paper down and get to work on one of our buff butlers in Lake District instead.

It’s a brilliant way to let off some steam and get creative with your friends.

Serving Food and Drinks

Perhaps you are looking for a bit of simplicity instead like being waited on by a butler in the buff in the Lake District. We could think of worse ways to spend an evening!

With your choice of who wines and dines you, whoever you pick is sure to charm your guests into having an unforgettable time!

Ready to book? Go to our form and let us know your ideas so we can start planning your best party yet!