Sparkle your Christmas party with a buff butler


Argh! Christmas is less than 100 days away and perhaps there are on-going plans for the end of the years’ party. We know that keeping everyone happy can be a challenge, especially when planning an office party or get together with lots of different guests, all with different tastes. What about hiring a buff butler

Stay with us here!

Although you may have assumed that naked butlers fall well within the domain of hen parties and ladies nights, our gorgeous guys often sparkle brighter than fairy lights and tinsel at Christmas parties throughout the UK.

What a buff butler can do to make your Christmas party a success

1.    Keep the food and drinks flowing

Having buff butlers serving food and drinks is a great ice breaker. It gets people talking and the guests soon relax and enjoy the cheeky fun presented by having (nearly) naked waiters working the room. As you might expect of guys who are happy to wear little more than an apron, a bowtie and the smile they were born within a room full of strangers.

A Buff Butler serving food and drinks
Buff Butler serving food and drinks

This combination is guaranteed to warm up the shyest of party-goers as well as pleasing the more gregarious guests.

Buff butlers can also serve canapés, drinks or provide a professional table service for sit-down events. A canapé and prosecco reception at the start of the night is always a big hit.

2.  Run the bar

If your Christmas party will have a bar, why not hire some topless bartenders? The combination of good looks, easy conversation and ability to pull a pint will guarantee the return of your guests

3.  Cocktail-mixing lessons with a buff butler

Speaking of cocktails, why not mix up what’s on offer at your Christmas or end-of-year party with cocktail lessons from a naked bartender? Our go-to cocktails are a French Martini, Margarita or the toe-curlingly good Sex on the Beach. Although, the martini feels a little (James Bond!) you could always request the topless waiter to mix up any cocktail recipes – or even mocktails.

4.  Play party games

When hired for Christmas and end of year parties, your buff butler aren’t just there to look good or even to just keep the food and drinks flowing. 

You can also hire our buff butlers to host and play party games with your guests. They can compare quizzes, adjudicate competitions or even lead teams against each other. 

Stuck for ideas? You could always ask us for suggestions at the time of booking. At Buff Boyz, we’re always happy to help you plan entertainment for your guests.

5. Host a charity auction with waiters in the buff

Many company Christmas parties include some fundraising activities for charity. Auctions of donated gifts and items are always popular but why not make your auction lots even more visually appealing by getting buff butlers to display them to the bidders?

Get in touch with Buff Boyz

Whatever your Christmas or New Year party plans, Buff Boyz can definitely crank up the Christmas cheer and delight your guests. 

Want a sexy Santa to dish out this year’s Secret Santa presents? We can help. 

Need someone to plan and host charity fundraising games? We’re here for you.

Request a quote here and a member of our team will be in touch to find out more about how we can make your Christmas party sparkle.