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What Is A Mobile Cocktail Making Masterclass?

So you’ve heard whispers on the street about a mobile cocktail making class that has left you intrigued? Or maybe you got lost down the rabbit hole with the array of choices on our website, and this one piqued your interest!

Mobile Cocktail Making Masterclass

hold an air of mystery to those who have never been lucky enough to attend one.

What Is It?
A mobile cocktail making masterclass may vary slightly between companies, but the basics are the same.

You gather a group of loved ones, choose a venue and invite a trained mixologist to teach you some cocktail making skills. It usually involves a lesson by an experienced mixologist or a bartender.

Then you get your hands on the tools yourself! But, of course, the best part is getting to sample your efforts and decide if it’s time to choose a brand new career behind the bar or stick to your day job!

Events Ideas

If you like the sound of it but can’t think of an event that might suit you, then we have plenty of ideas. Our motto is that you can always find a reason to celebrate!

  • Birthday Parties
  • Hen and Stag dos
  • Baby shower (Mocktail versions available)
  • Corporate Ice Breaker
  • Anniversary
  • Intimate Weddings
  • Family Get Togethers
  • Christmas and New Years celebrations
  • Halloween Spooky Spectacular
  • Leaving Do’s
  • Team Building event

Buff Boyz Twist

At Buff Boyz, we offer this package with a bit of a spicy spin on the traditional classes – with a buff butler or a clothed mixologist to teach you instead.

It makes the class a lot more fun and entertaining with their cheeky one-to-one tuition. Your butler also loves a drinking game and comes ready with a whole list of them to get you knocking back those cocktails with your friends!

Here at Buff Boyz, our buff butlers are based nationwide. So they are always ready to hop in their car and deliver these classes.

What Does A Mobile Cocktail Making Class Consists?

A standard package usually includes one mixologist to teach you how to make the cocktails, a set number of drinks per person and all the equipment needed to make them. We also throw in the drinking games and a buff butler to make your night even better!

Mobile Cocktail Making Masterclass Tips

It can be hard to choose from many companies or know how to prepare for such an event. Our top tips include:

  • Get to the venue early and set up a few decorations to personalise it for you.
  • Check your guests’ favourite cocktails and make sure you choose them in advance of the night.
  • Choose a venue that you know well and feel comfortable in.
  • Research the company well before you choose and even have a chat with the team so they can answer any queries you may have.
  • Have fun and enjoy! An excellent company will take care of all the stress so you can focus on the cocktails!

If this sounds like your dream experience, get in touch now for a quote!