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When it’s getting a bit too chilly for the rugby, and you’re all shopped out, what else is a Glostonian to do? Well, we have plenty of ideas!

They may be a little out of the ordinary from a trip down the stadium, but we guarantee you’ll love our naked butlers in Gloucester event tips.

They’re perfect for brightening up a regular Friday night, or they can add some pizazz to a big event like a birthday party or your friend’s stag do.

Naked Buff Butlers to Serve Food and Drinks

What’s fancier than tiny little canapes on a silver platter? Why a butler in a tiny apron to serve them, of course!

They don’t just do canapes, either! Naked butlers are fully trained professionals and can juggle serving food, filling glasses, and keeping guests happy with a smile on their faces with ease. So not only do they add a bit of fun to your event, but they can help take the pressure off of hosting so that you can enjoy yourselves!. learn more about the type of services buff butlers in Gloucester can offer at your event.

Body Painting Class

Another unique idea from our naked butlers in Gloucester is Body Painting. This one is going to make for a memorable birthday surprise. It suits the artsy among us just as much as those of us who are looking for a laugh.

A buff butler or a professional body paint model arrives with all the equipment, minus the paper, and lets you use him as your muse. Cover him in all the rainbow colours or paint intricate designs; the world is your oyster with this one!

Life Drawing Class Activity

Following body painting, another event idea from our team of naked butlers in Gloucester is the Life drawing activity; this one is an absolute corker. Our buff butlers aren’t exactly shy and love whipping off their aprons to help you with your sketches.

They’ll make like a statue and pull a few poses for you to scribble down. That’s if you can concentrate, of course! With all the equipment included, it’s completely hassle-free, and hilarity is guaranteed! Ideal for hen or stag do’s, it’s a great way to get all the gang together for a raucous night.

Mobile Cocktail-Making Masterclass

The Mobile Cocktail Making Class is the last on the list of ideas from our naked butlers in Gloucester.

Do you ever wonder what goes into your strawberry daiquiri? Or wish you could whip up your favourite drinks from the comfort of our own home?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore with our mobile cocktail making class. With all the equipment brought to you and one of our gorgeous buff butlers or clothed mixologists to guide you through making the best cocktails, this night is set to wow all your guests.

Each of you will get to make four drinks to enjoy and then blow off some steam with some drinking games. It’s one of our top hits, and guests always love the hands-on experience!



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