A topless waiter preparing cocktails for guests.

Enjoy Your Own Cocktails with our Mobile Cocktail Making MasterClass

With the help of your Naked Butler

“I was looking for a way to spoil my friends with a unique cocktail making experience they wouldn’t forget but with a dash of cheeky fun. Our butler and the finished cocktails fitted the bill perfectly. Thank you!!!!”

topless waiter serving cocktails at a party

Mobile Cocktail Making Masterclass- With A Twist

Our mobile cocktail making masterclass is just the perfect idea required for party planning. A fun way to teach your guests how to make delicious cocktails and engage their taste buds with the guidance of a gorgeous naked butler.

The Cocktail lessons are lively and hassle-free. Your buff waiter provides all the ingredients required to make a tasteful cocktail or mocktail.

Do you fancy a French Martini, Margarita or the toe-curlingly good Sex on the Beach? These are our go-to cocktails because they taste so damn good (and, we admit it, the martinis feel a little ‘James Bond’) but let us know if you want something else.


Cocktails plays an important role at any party, that is why we are offering this type of unique service.  You simply provide us with the recipes, and our naked butlers will do the rest.  Our cocktails service is entertaining and engaging. We organise a special cocktail making and drinking game for everyone. It is not one to be missed!!!!  Book now and we will help you and your guests’ mix, blend and shake their way through a cocktail making session packed with fun.

Hen Party Cocktail Making

Put on a party everyone will be talking about with our mobile cocktail making masterclass

“Wow!! What can I say? Our naked butler was super polite and professional – a real gentleman – but loads of fun too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Buff Boyz for your occasion”


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