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A hen party life drawing class with a hen party life model

Life Drawing Classes – Art lessons were never this much fun before

One of the big trends for parties right now is life drawing classes. And what better subjects than our perfectly sculpted life models from  BuffBoyz?

Your guests may not have the talent of Michelangelo for capturing the male form but we’re sure they’ll have lots of fun trying!

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Hen party life drawing class with a hen party model

Why choose a life drawing class for your party?

Life drawing classes are a growing trend at hen parties, very usual but yet a perfect way to surprise the bride.

It doesn’t matter whether you and your guests are fully-fledged artists or enthusiastic beginners. It’s not a competition – the fun is in the experience.

You can build your whole event around the life drawing class or include life drawing as just one of the fun activities for your special event.

Our life drawing models will pose in various interesting positions for single-sex, mixed gender or LGBT+ groups. All we ask of any life drawing session is that you provide a private space with room for everyone to sit and draw comfortably while keeping a respectful distance from the model.

How Our Life Drawing Class Works :

  • The hen party life model will travel to your chosen venue or accommodation.
  • The session will last for 1.5hrs.
  • We provide you with the necessary drawing materials and also a prize for the best piece of artwork
  • Your hen party life model will host some party games at the end of life drawing class

During these sessions, your gorgeous life model will pose for you either fully nude or partially clad, whichever you prefer. He’ll pose for pictures with your guests and provide the paper and drawing materials that they’ll need.

Who will capture the best likeness? Book a life drawing class today!