A hen party life drawing class with a hen party life model

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Hen Party Life Drawing

Have you ever felt as if you’ve gone to exactly the same uninteresting hen do a great number of times? Are you tired of up having prosecco at mid-day tea whilst anticipating something interesting to take place? Then why not liven up your hen and put the enjoyment straight into your night with hen party life drawing classes?

Ideal for hens who enjoy a spot of ‘fine art’

Perhaps your hen is something of a culture vulture? So why not engage their interest while taking the chance to introduce them to the very best of fine art – the male form.

Hen party life drawing classes are a distinctive approach to present your hen an evening to not forget. Whether or not they fancy themselves as a bit of a Picasso or a Lucian Freud.

Get up close and personal with the athletic male physique and relive your school days giggling through art class!

The perfect activity to match all likes

The problem with any hen party is actually ensuring that all attendees are satisfied with the intended activities.

But hen party life drawing classes cater to both introverts and extroverts in your group. Naked life drawing models will hit numerous poses and allow you put your imaginative abilities to the test.

Furthermore, hen party life drawing is such an awesome icebreaker for your event. It can kick off the hen do in a totally exceptional manner.

Everything is provided!

You don’t have to shell out time and money getting a party set up; your hunky life model will give you all the paper and sketching materials you require and can pose for photographs with you and your friends at the end of the session. Do not fret if your best effort is drawing a stick man, it’s all part of the fun and possibly your friends will reveal their secret imaginative side. Be sure that you keep the sketches in a safe place to giggle at them in many years to come!

Book your hen party life drawing today!

The hen party life drawing we provide at Buff Boyz isn’t just a treat for the hen; your life model is going to be on hand to entertain everyone and also make sure the bride gets a evening to remember!

Not forgetting to mention they are on hand to provide a superb service throughout your event.

Visualize your friends’ faces when they arrive at the venue and greeted by a undressed hunk posing in the centre of the room.

You might decide to choose life drawing as the key event on the day or perhaps a cocktail making class or some amusing hen party games, hosted by our buff butlers of course! Our boys can lead various themed games whilst keeping the refreshments flowing through the entire evening. Contact us today for additional information and let Buff Boyz give you a night that will have your friends and family laughing for years!