Hen Party Ideas In York To Suit All Budgets

Hen Party Ideas In York To Suit All Budgets

Are you looking for hen party ideas in York?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

The organisation of the hen party is a crucial stage of wedding planning.

It can be rather stressful rounding up a group of people who may not have met each other before!

Not to mention trying to suit all budgets, ages and availabilities!

So, here is a useful round up of some of the most exciting hen party ideas in York that will make sure you give your bride to be the most memorable hen party

How About This First Hen Party Idea? A Trip To York Dungeon!

Are you one who likes dark and scary tunnels?

If you are, you can fulfil your desire for darkness by visiting York Dungeon.

You get to enjoy one and a half hours of pure fun, with the help of qualified actors who will bring every aspect of the dungeon to life.

Aside from enjoying the night with your crew, you also learn a few things about the history of the Romans

If that kinda stuff floats your boat!

Get Competitive With This York Hen Party Idea

If your budget is tight, you could plan a sports day out with your girls for next to nothing!

Take part in some of the most kiddish activities such as balloon popping, rope skipping, and hide and seek.

You could even arrange a fun kid’s picnic to accentuate the affair!

You only have to find a nice garden to make your party a reality, and there are plenty of beautiful parks in and around York.

Glow In The Dark Dancing

If your gals love dancing, rather than going to a regular club, you can make your own!

Choose a venue to suit your group, and use glow in the dark and LED items to light up the venue.

Everything from the cups, to the straws, seats, tables, and other hen party accessories can glow in the dark.

Hire a DJ or make a playlist of your favourite music so you can dance the night away.

If you want to make the event more entertaining, maybe get you and your team glowing regalia or sashes.

Remember To Play This Hen Party Game – Never Have I Ever… York Style!

If you want to have some raucous fun without having to go out, then hen party games are a must!

You can play the very fun ‘never have I ever’ game.

It requires you to drink a shot of the selected tipple if they have done something that someone in the room says they’ve never done.

So, if they say, ‘never have I ever been to York Dungeon’ you take the shot if you have.

This has to be the easiest of our hen party ideas in York.

The game makes it easy-peasy to get your gang getting to know each other!

No-one To Host Your Hen Party In York? Buff Butler To The Rescue!

Do your group want to indulge in some wild activities?

No hen party in York would be complete without the inclusion of a topless butler!

Buff butlers ensure that you get the absolute most fun out of the night.

They fulfil all your butlering wishes with no questions asked.

Your butler will also ensure that there are plenty of fun activities planned for the night, and likewise, keep your drinks and snacks topped up.

Do Dinner With The Girls

If you are not up to hen party ideas that include club nights and strenuous sports activities, consider a traditional dinner.

Find a cool restaurant that accommodates groups, and dress up and enjoy a quiet night with your girls.

A yummy two or three-course meal would occupy you for most of the evening.

You can of course play hen party games such as Mr and Mrs, or create quizzes to keep the fun levels topped up.

Host A Moviethon

Do you want to chill in a massive house, catching up with your faves whilst watching movies?

Then why not host a moviethon or watch party?

Subscribe to Netflix, make vast amounts of popcorn, and chat and watch away.

Simple but relaxed fun.

Indulge In Champagne Afternoon Tea With Your Girls

An afternoon river cruise along river Ouse would be the perfect way to celebrate a hen party in York.

And whilst you’re on board, why not indulge yourself in an old fashioned high-tea?

Your team can tuck into beautifully presented sandwiches and cakes whilst sipping tea and champers.

This upmarket affair would be great for those who don’t enjoy raucous parties so much, and is the absolute perfect way to entertain older family members.

Which Of These Hen Party Ideas In York Will You Adopt?

These hen party ideas in York aim to bring to life to the party.

You can combine two or more of these options for an incredibly memorable event.

We’ve covered excursions, frugal activities and raucous fun.

Whatever option you choose, as long as the bride to be has the best fun, that’s a job well done!