Hen Party Ideas In Leeds? Useful Tips For Party Planners | Buff Boyz

If you are planning a hen party to take place in Leeds, then you might want some inspiration for ideas. The perfect hen night should have a mixture of fun and frolics to ensure that everyone has a good time. You will also probably want a few cheeky surprises for the bride to make sure that she gets a great send-off.

Here are a few hen party ideas in Leeds you should consider when planning a hen party.

Cocktail Time

If you are planning on having a fun time, then no doubt booze will be included. What better way to make sure that there are oodles of booze around than having a cocktail masterclass. Fancy a night with a speakeasy twist? then head to The Maven which is tucked behind an unmarked doorway on Call Lane.

Here you will indulge in some wild cocktail creation followed by lots of consumption as you relax and party the night away. 

Dinner Party with a Twist

If you want to host a dinner party, then why not plan a saucy surprise for your bride by getting a butler for the event. But not just any butler, try a buff butler! These hunky studs will be more than happy to wait on your guests, whilst wearing nothing more than an apron and a smile. This will have your bride blushing in no time, particularly if she doesn’t know about it in advance. Sometimes your buff butler will also treat the bride to a strip or a lap dance. It will certainly give the party a cheeky edge that you won’t forget. 

Pole Dancing Class

If you have an energetic bunch then why not get them in the mood for fun by taking a pole dancing class together. The Dance Studio Leeds hosts hen party dance classes that last up to 90 minutes. Your group will learn to perform a sexy dance routine together in a great bonding experience for all. Even if you are the most agile or fittest of hens the routine will be adapted to work to your skill level. This is a great way to burn off some energy before you go out on the town.

Hen Party Life Drawing

If you want something more creative with a sexy twist, then why not hold a Nude Life drawing class. This can be done in either a studio or in your own home.

If you opt to stage the activity in a private residence. You will get a life model who will not only stripe for your bride but also pose for the class.

It will also give your hens an interesting keepsake of the day as well. Keep the nude part a surprise for your bride. Just watch her face as the model disrobes in front of her ready to draw.  

Final Thoughts

Leeds is a great place for a cheeky night out with lots of fun. There are also many great clubs and bars in which you can have a fun time.