Five Brilliant Hen Party Ideas In Bournemouth

From dreamy beaches to holiday memories, many of us have fond memories of Bournemouth. It’s sand-filled scenes, fish ’n’ chip shop-lined beachfront, and kitschy trinket shops are just some of the reason many millions of us return to it year after year!

Bournemouth at night

But what can Bournemouth offer for hen party planners beyond the holiday attractions, to make sure the celebrations go off with a bang?

Here are the 5 hen party ideas in Bournemouth you really need to know about:

Let The Fun Come To You

Instead of heading out for the night, why not bring the party to your hens! Hire a ‘buff butler’ to make the night extra-special. Got any nervous guests? Your obliging gentleman will be more than happy to help the party get started, in all the right ways! Fancy a game to bring everyone together? Need your drink refreshed? Here’s your fella! You’ll be wondering how you ever hosted without him before. Click here for more info

Dress The part

Did you know that Bournemouth boasts some of the best fancy dress shops in the country? Spend a hilarious afternoon choosing costumes – or even better, choosing costumes for each other! You’ll not only break the ice between guests who aren’t familiar, but you can make it as themed as you like. Go wild – when else can you have as much fun dressing up? Keep it clean, ladies – we meant in public. Perfect hen party idea for all ages.

Sharpen Those Pencils

Challenge your hen group to something that will engage their minds – along with their attention – at a life modelling private class together! Try and keep straight faces as you focus on the important shapes in front of you… it might not be as easy as you think! It’ll certainly help the group bond, and hey, you might discover a secret skill you didn’t know you had! Perfect hen party idea for a group who are just meeting for the first time.

Grab Those Playing Chips!

Bournemouth is known for its amusement arcades, and they can be an inexpensive, fun way to spend a few hours before you head for dinner! Kitsch lovers and sentimentalists alike will love this retro throwback. You might even win a few bob, which can be added to the hen spending fund, to help that tab later on!

Learn A Skill For Life

Everyone loves a cocktail – and everyone has an opinion on how their favourite one should taste! Give your hens a chance to try making the classics, with a cocktail making masterclass. If you plan it for early in the celebration proceedings you might even remember the recipe for a later date! Or maybe not…

Any of there five hen party ideas in Bournemouth would definitely make your hen do a memorable one.

Bournemouth is a fantastic spot for some hen party celebrations to remember – you’ll certainly be reminiscing at the wedding, and long beyond it!

Your bride is the belle of the ball, of course. But that isn’t to say her hens shouldn’t have a great time helping her have the hen party of her life.

Get packing, ladies. Bournemouth awaits you!