brides at a hen party in Bath

Hen Party Ideas In Bath: 5 Top Useful Tips

Are you currently planning a hen party in Bath? It’s safe to say that we all remember the best party experiences of our life. But we also remember clearly the ones that were the least enjoyable!

Perhaps things didn’t run to plan, and it ended up being more of a stressful experience than a fun one. Or maybe you can recall hen parties where the theme was fantastic, but the connection just didn’t quite happen between the guests.

Because after all, the social connection is what we’re all there for, right? Hen parties should be all about the guests having a good time, regardless of the event or celebration.

But how can we make sure the event goes well, including the creative elements needed to make things go off with a bang

Here are 5 hen party ideas in Bath you won’t want to miss out on:

Buff Butlers In Bath

Want some extra-special flair added to your event? If you want your party to be remembered for all the right reasons, then make sure every detail is considered. Why not hire waiting staff with a difference, and enjoy the reaction from your guests!

book buff butlers in Bath
buff butlers in Bath

Did someone say cocktail hour?  

There are celebratory drinks – and then there are cocktails! Make your event energised by creativity, by engaging your guests with a hands-on cocktail making experience. Shake up the ice (cubes) and break the ice between guests who don’t know each other – it could make all the difference!.

Hen Party Life Drawing Bath Style

Another hen party idea in Bath is a life drawing class. Ever been to a life drawing class? Now is the time. Hen parties are all about having fun while making incredible memories. What better way to do so, by having a giggle with the girls in the best art lesson you’ve ever had!. Click here to check out our hen party life drawing class

Go Fancy, Darling!  

Of all the cities in the world, Bath is the ‘place to be’ for hens who want a special touch of class added to their party experience. Whether it’s sharing glasses of bubbles in one of the city’s many beautiful bars, or on the famous spa rooftop, you won’t be disappointed with the options Bath has to offer.

Culture Clubber?  

Before you hit the real clubs of Bath – of which there are many to choose from – why not be a real culture clubber, and take your group for a landmark walk of the city.n Starting off with the famous ‘round’ of listed homes – where Johnny Depp is rumoured to spend his time between filming – through to the gorgeous central cathedral. You’ll only be disappointed not to have more time to see it all!

Bath is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the country – what better backdrop for the hen party of the year! Make the bride feel as special as she should, surrounded by the important women in her life, by making full use of the gifts that Bath has to offer. 

Consider these tips if you are planning a hen party ideas in Bath. After all – the celebrations you’ll share are history in the making. So the historical city of Bath might be just the thing.