The Top 5 Hen Party Ideas in Edinburgh

Hen Party Ideas Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is famous for its top-quality nightlife, which makes it a great destination for your hen party.

If you’re planning to wave goodbye to your single days north of the border, here are some of the best hen party ideas in Edinburgh recommended by most of our clients in the Edinburgh area .

Edinburgh at Night

Take In a Show

The world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place in the month of August, and you’ll find literally hundreds of options to see live acts.

The Fringe is synonymous with comedy. For a classic raucous hen do, look for a lively stand-up, but you could always go for something new and experimental if that’s more your scene.

The only downside? Accommodation can be scarce during the month of August, so be sure to book well in advance

Visit Edinburgh Castle.

This is a more sedate option, but if you’re planning to spend a full weekend in Edinburgh, you’ll need something to keep you busy during the day.

Why not use those daytime hours taking in one of the city’s most interesting sights?

Even if you’re not that keen on history, the castle is the best spot in the city for group photos, and walking up the Royal Mile to reach it is sure to burn off some cocktail calories!

Hire Buff Butlers In Edinburgh 

We all know that Scotland is famous for its generous cabers, and who needs a kilt when your butler is daring to bare in a skimpy black apron?

Buff butlers are the perfect way to begin the evening section of your hen party in Edinburgh.

Learn to mix cocktails, or hire one to get some party games started, and make sure the whole crew is in the mood for fun before you hit the town.

Find a private venue where you can appreciate your buff butler in his full glory.

Have A Wee Dram. 

You can’t possibly leave Scotland without sampling some of the local produce – and that means whisky.

Scotch can be a bit of an acquired taste, particularly having it neat, as is normal in the area.

The famous Devil’s Advocate bar in Edinburgh’s Old Town has hundreds of bottles on offer, so whisky experts will find plenty to satisfy them.

But don’t worry if you’re a whisky wimp – the Devil’s Advocate also has cocktails based on Scotland’s most famous spirit, so you’ll be able to dip your toe in the world of Scotch.

Go Shopping On The Royal Mile. 

Edinburgh’s most famous street is a tourist hot spot these days – but if you can’t pick up some tat on your hen do, when can you?

Find some outrageous tartan souvenirs or, if you prefer something a bit classier, look for some authentic Scottish knitwear to keep you warm in winter.

Even if you just fancy a spot of window-shopping and perhaps a tin of shortbread, no trip to Edinburgh is complete without visiting the Royal Mile.