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A butler playing hen do games at a hen party

Plan An Unforgettable Hen Party Weekend With Our Naked Butlers

Our buff butlers bring it all to the party

Looking for the perfect hen party ideas and entertainment?

BuffBoyz offers the complete package when it comes to hen night fun and games.

Book one of our buff waiters and he’ll take care of you and the rest of your hens while you enjoy a hen night you’ll be laughing about for years to come.

Two buff butlers holding the bride to be


Whether you want to play classic hen night games, learn how to mix the perfect cocktail or do a spot of hen party life drawing, your buff butler is there to serve you and your guests.

He’ll lead you through hilarious hen do games and challenges, keep the drinks flowing and effortlessly take the lead so that you and your hens can let your hair down.

Our buff waiters are fun, fit and flirty. They love a bit of cheeky banter but they’re also perfect gentlemen, making sure that everyone is having a great time.

Hiring a naked butler is the perfect opportunity to take a break from wedding planning and celebrate your sisterhood.

Planning a hen night for the bride-to-be? You could surprise her with her very own Buff Butler.

“Our Buff Boyz butler arrived bang on time, surprised all my guests by answering the door to them and made us laugh so much. Brilliant ”

hen party guests at a hen party weekend


Games are the ultimate hen party crowd pleaser. You can use them as ice breakers to get the party started or build the whole evening around them.

Having a buff butler run the games always goes down a storm. From the most outgoing guests to the shyest of hens, no-one can resist joining in with our gorgeous guys as they take you effortlessly from one game to another.

You won’t even need to pour yourself a drink to relax because your naked butler will pour it for you.

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We’ve got more hen night games ideas than we can handle.

Our buff butlers know all about reading the room so can suggest the perfect games for your unique combination of hens.

They can keep it classy with quizzes or dressing up or go full-on risqué – whatever works best for your guests.

We love the…

Mrs and Mrs Game

Your buff butler-turned-quiz host will challenge the bride by testing her knowledge of her other half with everyone’s hen do game favourite, Mr and Mrs!

Each round, he’ll pick a hen to ask a question and let you all choose a forfeit each time she gets a wrong answer. Will you make her down a shot or put on an item of fancy dress? The choice is yours.

Just how well does the bride-to-be know her groom?!

Want an alternative Mrs and Mrs quiz? Just let us know if you want your buff butler to shake things up a bit with some alternative Mrs and Mrs questions – we’ve got tonnes of ideas.

Of course, we cater for Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs quizzes too.

hen party games with a buff butler and guests

 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Your buff butler will split the hen party into two or more teams. Your challenge? To create the most beautiful wedding dress using only rolls of toilet paper (and sellotape, if you’re feeling kind). The bride gets to choose the winner.

You could always ask your naked butler to act as your model!

Never Have I Ever Game

This classic drinking game was pretty much made for hen parties!

Each party member downs a drink every time they’ve done something that another hen says she’s never done. For example, if a hen says “Never have I ever been arrested” or “Never have I ever had a tattoo”, you drink if you have done those things. This is a great way to uncover some of the risqué secrets your friends have been hiding.

Stuck for “Never have I ever” statements? Your naked butler has loads of cheeky ideas.

Hen Dare Cards

Want to shake your hen party up a bit or help the hens get to know each other? Ask your naked butler for some hen party dares. We’ve got dares suitable for all types of hen dos, whether you’re planning an amazing night in with your hens or you’ll be painting the town red for most of the weekend.

Want to play hen party games with your naked butler?

You’ve hired a buff bulter so why not make the most of him by playing some games that put him at the heart of the action?

The Plaster Game

Blindfold a team member and then get someone from the other team to stick a plaster somewhere on your hunky butler’s body. The blindfolded team member has 30 seconds to find the plaster while guided by the ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ commands from the other players.

Life Drawing Hen-Dos

If you’re looking for classy hen do ideas, why not try a spot of life drawing?

Michelangelo made a career from drawing and sculpting the male form, so we’re sure a couple of hours will fly by! Especially as your naked butler is the perfect muse – hunky, relaxed and uninhibited.

We guarantee you’ve never had this much fun in an art class before!

Not sure what hen party games to play? Let us know and we’ll share our favourite ice breakers.

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