1. When working for Buff Boyz, you must be professional at all times as you are representing the company.
  2. If a client asks you to stay at an event beyond your agreed booking, you may do so at your own discretion. Please be aware that anything that happens outside of the prebooked time is your responsibility rather than that of Buff Boyz.
  3. If your actions or behaviour are illegal in any way, we are required to pass your information on to the police.


  1. While at an event, your Buff Boyz uniform must be worn at all times. This is a gold bow tie and branded apron, which will be provided free of charge when we confirm that we have added you to our books.
  2. If you misplace an item of your uniform, you are required to pay a surcharge of £20 so that we can order a replacement.
  3. When travelling to and from a booking, please ensure that you are well presented.


  1. Punctuality is a must and we don’t tolerate lateness.
  2. If you are running late for any reason, you must notify the client as soon as possible.
  3. You should contact the client 15 minutes before you are due to arrive to confirm what time you will reach the venue.
  4. We require 24‐hours’ notice if you unable to attend a booking, except in the case of an emergency. This gives us time to source another butler.

Alcohol and drugs

  1. We have a strict NO DRUGS POLICY. You must not take illegal drugs to, from or while on a client’s premises.
  2. Alcohol is acceptable in moderation. It’s OK for you to socialise but you must know what you are doing and represent Buff Boyz positively at all times.

Pay and fuel allowance

  1. You will be paid £30 an hour for the first hour of each booking and then £20 for every subsequent hour.
  2. We also pay £0.30 per mile for the fuel costs of getting to and from an event.

Self‐employed status

  1. All of the Buff Boyz are self‐employed. As such, you are free to work for other companies during your time as one of our buff butlers.
  2. You are liable to pay your own taxes and National Insurance to HMRC.
  3. Public liability insurance for all events is provided by Buff Boyz and covers you while on a booking.

Pictures and social media

  1. Clients are welcome to take pictures of you as their buff butler.
  2. It is helpful if you can ask event organisers for permission to use any photographs they take on the Buff Boyz website and social media pages to promote our services.