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Get ready to ruffle a few feathers by our Buff Butlers in Scarborough

Buff Boyz offers a fantastic night, whether you’re planning a friend’s surprise birthday party, hen weekend or planning a ladies evening.

Our highly sought-after naked-butler service gives any occasion, including business gatherings and private celebrations, an unforgettable experience.

The Services We Offer

Our team of buff butlers in Scarborough isn’t your typical waiting staff.
We offer more than just food and drink; you can have your own Magic Mike moment, learn how to make and taste sumptuous cocktails.

Our naked butlers in Scarborough will create unforgettable moments for your guests, family at any event. Buff Boyz provides something for everyone, and you can tailor your event to match your needs.

Whether you are interested in learning how to mix a martini or taking a life drawing class to cover your blushes? Our buff butlers in Scarborough are at your disposal.

Naked Butler Services

With our naked butler service, you will be adding a little spice to your event.

Give a cheeky and provocative edge to your next event with our buff butlers in Scarborough.

Every one of our team members has received professional training and is a seasoned host.

Our extroverted butlers are just the right amount of cheeky, with enough wit and personality to put everyone at ease.

Mobile Cocktail Making Class

Did you ever want to learn how to produce your cocktails?. Our handsome team of naked butlers are available to teach you and the rest of your group how to make the perfect cocktails.

What It Involves:

o For two hours, a devoted buff butler or clothed mixologist

o All necessary equipment, including alcohol, mixers, and glasses

o Each participant will get four drinks

o Interactive drinking games, hands-on training from your buff butler in Scarborough.

Life Drawing Class

While Rose may not have shouted to Jack in Titanic, “paint me like one of your French waiters,” our life painting class may be just as steamy. It’ll be the perfect surprise for your visitors.

You’ll have your naked butler to pose in the position you want them to, including what you want them to wear (and what you don’t want them to wear!).

What is Included In The Life Drawing Class:

o For 1.5 hours, a dedicated buff butler

o All necessary supplies, such as drawing pads and pencils

o Guaranteed laughter and good times

o A special prize for the most incredible piece of artwork

ladies at a hen party event with confetti

Why Choose Buff Boyz

Our delectable team of buff butlers in Scarborough offers one-of-a-kind entertainment that is sure to create a wow factor on any occasion.

Our highly experienced topless waiters are professional – but lighthearted – and ready to assist you.

Each member of our team is selected to provide excellent customer service and an appealing personality. To give you peace of mind, Buff Boyz is wholly insured and security vetted.