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We Provide The Best Buff Butler Services In Newcastle

Buff butlers at hen party

Make your party extra special with the buff butlers in the Newcastle area.

Add some male testosterone to the mix and get hormones racing at your next party!  

Whether it’s a hen party, birthday celebration, ladies night or even corporate event, we add that special something to your party mix.

The buff butlers in the Newcastle area are tops, with each of them making a stunning impression upon guests and attendees.  

So hot they are scorching, our unadorned guys are the real deal.   

They don’t just look the part

You will find them entertaining, friendly and very charming.  

naked butler posing for pictures

What We Do

As well as regular naked butler type services, we add some magic to the pot by offering cocktail making lessons in the Newcastle area and hen party life drawing sessions.  Say goodbye to boring parties in Newcastle

Naked Butlers Newcastle

You don’t only receive a classy waiter service – our butlers will flirt and have fun, ramping up the interaction with your guests.  

Watch as everyone gets into the mood, letting their hair down and enjoying the food and drinks served to them by our butlers in ‘birthday suits’.  

The cameras will sure be snapping as our gentlemen of the night (and day) do their thing in style, charming the socks off everyone.

Whatever your mix of guests, single-sex, mixed gender or LGBT, a fun time for all is on the cards.

Mobile Cocktail Making Class Newcastle

Cocktails served by our naked butlers in the Newcastle area not only taste a whole lot better but we can even show you how to make them.  

We ramp up the excitement levels by providing very special lessons in cocktail making.  

Having fun coming up with some fun names to add to the mix, such as ‘Floating on Cloud Nine’, ‘Love Potion’ and ‘Hanky Panky’.  

Truly dreamy drinks that will get everyone in the mood. We provide the equipment, alcohol and ingredients and of course, the sexy cocktail waiters

ladies at a hen party event with confetti

Life Drawing Class Newcastle

Life drawing classes just took on a new meaning with our buff butlers in the Newcastle area.  Don’t hold back from studying the male body in detail as you put your pencil to paper.  You choose the clothes and pose and we let our guys do the rest in their own striking way. 

We will provide:

  • A perfect party surprise for the ‘hen’
  • Drawing materials and life models.  You just sit back, relax and enjoy the view whilst you complete your etchings!
  • Event lasts for 1.5 hrs.
  • Prize for the best sketch
  • Drawing games and hen party games

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to choosing from only these services.  Always flexible and adaptable, you can come up with your own theme and we will get our guys involved. 

Why Choose Buff Boyz

Our guys are top of the charts when it comes to providing buff butler services in and around the Newcastle and North East area.  

Surprise your guests with a feast for their eyes as well as providing them with glamorous waiters that will entertain and delight.  

Whether serving food, getting involved in party games or participating in selfies, Buff Boyz will make your event sizzle.

Each of our buff butlers in Newcastle has been selected by us, security checked and verified so that you know all is well when they are in attendance

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Say goodbye to boring parties forever.  If this is your first buff butler event, then you don’t know what you have been missing.  

Pick up the phone, call us today.