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Buff Butlers In London: 5 Popular Event Ideas In London

We’ve all got a lot of lost time to be making up for and London is bursting with unique venues for your next event. Why leave it there though? By adding one of our buff butlers in to the mix, it’s guaranteed to take your party from a good time, to the event of the year!

Whether it’s a hen party that needs an extra hint of spice or a charity fundraiser that could benefit from some added flavour, our buff butlers can do it all. It’s certain to be a fun time for all and our gorgeous buff butlers will have all of London talking!

London’s Floating Bar

Tamesis Dock is the perfect venue for some glitz and glamour. Have your guests greeted by our butlers and led to the top deck where they’ll be wowed with a stunning view of the Thames.

Then once all the guests have a drink in hand, one of our butlers can walk you up to the raised platform for you to welcome everyone with a speech. Your guests can also have a great time posing for snaps with our buff butler to boast about on their Instagram pages.

A Singing Butler, Oh My!

If belting out ABBA is your idea of a fun Friday, then you’re in luck. London is filled with karaoke bars and our buff butlers are always down for a laugh. We can’t promise the boys will sound like the next Bieber, but if you’re lucky, they may provide some backup vocals whilst you smash your rendition of Grease!

Take your pick of bars to hire from Mama Shelter in Shoreditch to Inamos’ games room in Soho. The only thing to do now, is start practising those high notes!

Costume Party

Our butlers aren’t always in the buff, they love a fancy-dress competition just as much as you! Why not throw a costume party to celebrate your birthday and one of our guys can join in on the excitement? Not only that, but they’re all trained to make delicious cocktails to ensure your event is extra special.

They can even judge whose costume’s the best; you just get to decide on the prize! Then later, to continue the fun, get them involved in some classic party games like finding the sticky note hidden somewhere on your butler! This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially considering you’re blindfolded!

Classy Dining Experience

An evening meal may be what you’re after to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. London has fantastic venues for extra special meals that our buff butlers would love to help as your personal waiters. Or perhaps you’d like to make a day of it, by first taking a boat ride in Hyde Park. Then you can leisurely make your way up to the Look Out and be served canapes by our butlers. The options are endless, and we welcome you to customise your night to suit your style!

Draw a Butler (Completely in the Buff!)

This one is perfect for the hens and gives any bride to be a night to remember. Perhaps hire out one of London’s many beautiful hotel function rooms for the private life drawing and then you’re right in the hub for some drinks at a nearby bar.

Perfect for putting those GCSE Art skills to the test, have a giggle sketching one of our gorgeous butlers completely in the buff. Not only that but you get to keep your drawing as a spicy souvenir. The hens are guaranteed to be talking about this one long after they’ve waved you off on the honeymoon!

This is just a taster of all the unique and wonderful ideas for a fantastic event in London. Be sure to get in contact if any of these suggestions jump out at you for an upcoming party. Or if you have an idea up your sleeve for how one of our buff butlers can make your event extra special! 

Not London-based? We also offer our services in other cities all over the UK, check out our locations to discover where!